silos and cereal handling

OCRIM designs any type of vertical/horizontal silos made of cement or steel. They are destined for industrial, trade and port services with various types of mechanical conveyors of more than 1000 ton/h capacity.

Steel and metal cereal stock silos are some of the latest OCRIM creations. Designed and built through "turn-key" formula or just for electromechanic equipements supply complete with suitable design.


OCRIM is able to find the best solution paying attention to energy consumption thanks to its great experience.


Among these we can mention:


P.T. Bogasari Jakarta (Indonesia) : Flour silo
G.S.P.L.A.J. (Libya): Wheat silos
Kuwait Flour MIlls and Bakeries Co. (Kuwait): Flour silo
G.S.F.M.O. (Arabia Saudita): Wheat silo, capacity 80.000 Tons.
G.S.F.M.O. (Arabia Saudita): Wheat silo, capacity 250.000 Tons.
Swani Co. (Libya): Wheat silo, capacity 15.000 Tons.
National F.M. (Libya) : revamping wheat silo capacity 30.000 Tons.
Chiao Thai Hsing (Taiwan): revamping wheat silo capacity 200 T/h