Immersive Reality

Immersive reality is an innovative system stemming from the combination of the gaming concept and the 3D technology used by Ocrim. It’s a VR visor that allows you to live a virtual experience with the “core” machine of the mill: the rollermill. This innovative technology, in this demonstration field, enables you to access the mill, literally enter it, checking and watching all its functions.

Ocrim is developing this prototype so that immersive reality may become a support not just for the grinding stage, but also for the previous and subsequent stages, in order to cover the entire milling process.

The use of this system is revolutionary, as it provides cutting-edge training through a unique technology that looks very promising also in the maintenance field with futuristic developments. The first version was presented at the “GRANO, FARINA, E…” (WHEAT, FLOUR AND...) event in 2017 and at “IAOM USA 2018” exhibition, where it was awarded as best “product showcase”. The updated version was then presented at the “IPACK-IMA 2018” exhibition. At the headquarters in Via Massarotti there is a dedicated room that provides practical support for daily training activities.