JUNE 2021

Cremona canal port (Italy) – Ocrim’s CEO, Alberto Antolini, has given the go-ahead for the creation of the new department for managing the grinding rolls, which will include fluting, grinding and balancing stations and an innovative system for coating the rolls in titanium.

Therefore, the internationalisation process of Ocrim’s entire production process continues. A useful process to have the certified quality of the products intended for our customers under its own control and company responsibility. In addition to dedicating itself to other on-going works, the Research and Development Department has worked on the engineering fulfilment of this project in order to make it a functional and highly operational service. An in-depth study on the roll’s manufacturing and on how to improve its performance over time. Lastly, the idea to design an entire department dedicated to its management. This activity, which, in addition to completing the production phase of the roller mills, will also further implement the service to our customers with regard to management of their grinding rolls.
Alberto Antolini, when presenting the Fluting Hub project, stated: “this is a new addition to Ocrim’s values scale. We are optimistic that this important investment will increase our core business, strengthen our customers’ businesses and will make us stronger and more established in the milling industry.” This additional choice illustrates the company’s inclination to increase the strategic production chain, further confirming our bond with the Italian Made point of view.