MAY 2021


BioStoneMill: learn from the Past
To plan for the Future

The second episode of the series. Directly from Ocrim headquarters in Cremona

Watch the short video and find out the main actor of our next OcrimWebinar

Join our event to learn about the benefits and characteristics of the innovative BioStoneMill and related stone grinding.This cutting edge machine is able to mix the past with the present combining the "know-how" of the tradition with the most modern technologies in the milling field.

SPEAKERS: Simone Montanari Paglierani Srl mechanical engineer, and Simona Digiuni Ocrim biotechnologist..

TARGET: Milling plants owners, investors, technicians and millers. However, participation is highly recommended to all operators who wish to keep up to date about the latest technological and mechanical innovations in the milling sector. Training has never been easier!!

NEW ARRIVAL: this OcrimWebinar will be simultaneously translated in different languages. Click on "Interpretation" button to choose the language you prefer in the menu. An interpreter will translate simultaneously the event in English, French and Spanish. Please consider that your Zoom app is supposed to be updated at least to 5.2.1. version.

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Thursday, May 27th at 10.00 AM (UTC+2) - English & Italian - Sign up here
Thursday, May 27th at 4.00 PM (UTC+2) - English & Italian - Sign up here

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