Exhibitions and Congresses

The Ocrim team has always believed in the positive interactions in order to have concrete and constructive relationships with its customers. Exhibitions and events are certainly moments in which, in a tangible way, relationships materialize or strengthen.
From one day to the next, we had to reinvent ourselves, also from the point of view of social relations. We had to quickly study and find the best ways to break down the unexpected barriers imposed by the COVID 19 pandemic, which inexorably invaded the world.
Events, meetings, webinars and on-line training for our corporate team have been - and currently are - the fundamental media to keep us positively and constantly connected with the outside world. A reinvigorated and even more innovative media sector, which appears to be strategic also due to the temporary absence of exhibitions and events.
The Greek philosopher Aristotle, in the fourth century BC, claimed and wrote that "Man is a social animal". And we, despite everything and thanks to everyone's intellectual commitment, have never stopped being Social.