The pre-cleaning stage is the first stage of cereal processing before ensiling. The subsequent first and second cleaning stages relate to the treatments that wheat undergoes before milling. These operations have the aim to remove impurity and foreign bodies from wheat, including the conditioning process, in order to obtain the best possible result in terms of yield in the grinding stage.


The milling process depends on the type of ground wheat and, together with the fitting of the various machines, establish the final outcome:
- Soft wheat: flour, hard wheat semolina, waste flour, germ, red dog, straight run, pollard and bran.
- Hard wheat: semolina, durum semolina, re-milled, waste flour, red dog, straight run, pollard, bran.
Knowing how to determine the correct flow sheet based on the desired finished products, it’s essential to obtain the best possible result in terms of yield and sanitary quality.


Cereals and final products conveying plays an important role for the plant efficiency and flexibility as well as the energy consumption. Ocrim, according to the customer's needs, can supply many types of solutions for cereals, that can reach more than 1000 T/h in the case of grain conveying.


The plant is completed with a series of complementary machines and accessories that enable the entire production cycle to be managed in complete safety. Ocrim offers specific and aptly designed solutions to obtain the most diverse products, suitable for the different needs of the world markets.


Maize has been referred to as "the cereal of the future" due to its high nutritional value and the wide utilization of its products and by-products.
Ocrim has given great importance to maize milling plants since 1945. In fact, a group of technologists is entrusted with the task of conducting this sector specific research. Thanks to studies completed, today Ocrim maize milling plants work all over the world in order to supply the most sophisticated products through dry, semi-humid and mixed degermination.
Ocrim offers complete milling plants, plants revamping and upgrading for the processing of various types of maize used for the production of semolina, grits for beer, hominy grits for corn flakes, pre-cooked meal and other products obtained through the different type of degermination.


Ocrim provides solutions which permit to produce sheep, fish, cattle and poultry feeds at optimal costs thanks to plants high level production, limited energy consumption, minimum maintenance and restrained capital expenditure. Ocrim offers both technical-engineering services and services to improve recipes.


Ocrim supplies complete plants, upgrades and expansions for processing the various grains, as well as for the production of flour suitable to obtain the starch used for various purposes. Even in this sector, Ocrim has significant experience stemming from the great professionalism of technologists and plant engineers, based on the type of flour processing that takes place in the subsequent starch production stage, in order to provide the correct product, with the right features, for the starch production line.


Ocrim designs, builds and supplies blending bins, grain tempering bins and finished product storage bins (flours, bran, by-products etc.).
Ocrim team realizes, according to the milling plants’ needs, square or circular bins, stainless steel or painted steel bins, corrugated plate or smooth sheet bins.
Ocrim great experience in the construction and design of milling plants has been very important for the strengthening of its specific business areas. This specialized approach is the reason why the design and the building of storage bins are fundamental operations for the company core business.


These days flour blending plays a fundamental role in the daily milling plants efficiency and it represents its real added value. This is due to the fact that it allows the production of specific and “ready to use” products, which can be customized according to every single market or client.
The knowledge of blending in general and its “recipes” application, together with its related components, is an essential tool for submitting the customers with suitable and varied solutions. Effectively flour is increasingly often becoming a simple component of a wider product.
Ocrim technology offers mixtures which can be composed of different solutions: batch, continuous, volumetric, with or without the addition of additives and/or ingredients, all with the chance to have also their qualitative and quantitative in line controls. Ocrim is a company integrated in the flour management systems, and so it’s able to adopt its own technology also to the semolina mixing, and related ingredients and/or additives, for the pasta factory.


The handling systems are located downstream of the production line, where the product is packaged in the primary packaging and the goods are palletised.
The handling systems are a crucial point for maximising the financial returns of milling plants because, if designed properly, providing the best possible solutions and obviously taking into account the financial issues at stake, it can considerably contribute to high productivity and decrease management costs.
Ocrim, in order to provide a complete solution, from storage to management of the finished product, has taken over FBC of Medesano (Parma-Italy), a company specialised in handling systems, acquiring the process plant engineering activity as well as the production activity, in order to improve the benefits for the end customer, who is always obviously more sensitive to this crucial stage.


Ocrim, since several years, has been manufacturing in-house both electrical, automation and management systems. Electrical installations, from the electric cabin up to the plant motor boards, are managed in-house by Ocrim through the general electrical system study carried out simultaneously to the design of the plant as well as the construction. Automation systems, which plays a key role in perfect plant operation, are also developed in-house. In fact, Ocrim develops in-house the automation systems tailored specifically to every single customer, to meet all their needs and outsources specialised software development services, to integrate the automation system with all the management technology and data, including accounting, of the entire production complex. An efficient automation system minimizes operating and maintenance time and costs.
The proposed solutions start from standard and up to customized systems tailored to the most restrictive demands from customers, to improve and make all the production, logistics and administrative management of the industrial complex more efficient, by crossing, checking and assessing the most important key data.


Stone milling is the oldest method and still used today in flour production. It’s considered as a return to the past; it’s the technique of working the cereal or legume like once, when there were no other types of processing such as cylinder milling. Today stone grinding is necessary to work small quantities of cereals or legumes, creating a series of products that could otherwise be processed in industrial plants with high production capacity. The result of this technique is a flour with irregular granulometry, a higher presence of bran and total preservation of the germ; a flour rich in flavor and high in vitamins, minerals and fibers.
Ocrim had recover the tradition of stone grinding but by applying industrial concepts of modern milling technology. A plus solution that can offer its customers.
The main machine is the BioStoneMill (BSM). The BSM can be completed with extreme rationality and simplicity by other machines in order to offer a complete and dedicated line characterized by investment costs reduction, minimum management and consumption costs.
Given the importance of this type of processing and the various possibilities of use (for holiday farms, farms, industrial mills etc.), there is a dedicated website


The great experience gained in the milling sector has enabled Ocrim to become an important player in the supply of auxiliary machines - fluting and grinding machines – as crucial machines at the service of the mill plant as well as Service of the plants.
In this field Ocrim boasts a great research and development activities to create highly productive solutions for the customer in order to improve the efficiency of the machines, shortening the execution times of the various processes, in order to perform the various scheduled maintenance procedures at clearly defined time frames and costs.
Specialised technicians are at the Customer's complete disposal both in the design and after-sales stage to answer all questions competently and quickly.


"Turnkey" projects have always been part of Ocrim activities. Ocrim is the ideal partner for all projects where, the choice of having only one interlocutor capable of satisfying its customers, from the technical-financial feasibility study to the complete plant realization, represents the winning choice from the economic as well as strategic point of view.
That is also why the “Agri-food Supply chain” has been created, as well as to give increasingly tangible answers to the customers’ various requests, because the real added value of a “turnkey” product is being able to advise the customer on all the best applicable solutions, starting from cereal cultivation up to management of the finished product.
During each stage of the contract development process, from defining the technical details to streamlining the construction and installation choices, as well as compliance with authorisation fulfilments and subcontract management, training personnel and subsequent after-sales service, Ocrim supports its customers and gains their trust, building on its long-standing experience.
Thanks to its appropriately diversified organisational structure, Ocrim is able to support the customer in relation to issues concerning the technology of milling plants, as well as in terms of extremely current issues, such as regulatory issues, safety, environmental impact or the assessment of new market opportunities.
These are the reasons why our customers choose Ocrim as a General Contractor in "turnkey" plants.