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Fluting Hub: gringing rolls made in Ocrim

Cremona canal port (Italy) - Ocrim's CEO, Alberto Antolini, has given the go-ahead for the creation of the new department for managing the grinding rolls, which will include fluting, grinding and balancing stations and an innovative system for coating the rolls in titanium.

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Argonauta: a journey through industry and art

Sergio Antolini on May 16th will present his new book "Argonaut": an accurate anthropological-cultural analysis, which takes the reader on a synaesthetic journey that starts from the Wheat and ends with the Bread.

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Roberto Roccasalva has chosen Ocrim again for the new mill with intelligent consumption

Modica (RG, Italy) - “When we decided to build a new mill, distinguished for its energy savings, we had no doubts: Ocrim is the partner with the right means and technology to come up with an innovative strategy that is able to fulfil our needs”.

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Ocrim-FBC end of line: the way to add value

About four years ago, Ocrim took over FBC, a long-established company based in Medesano (Parma, Italy). The business has been manufacturing end-of-line systems since 1980, specialising in palletising and packaging in bags, bundles and other forms of packaging.

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Ocrim, founded in 1945, is specialized in the supply of milling plants, feed mills and grain processing systems in general, also and above all, with the "turnkey" formula. The company also is focused on and invests in training, customer satisfaction and communication. Ocrim is one of the largest and best-known companies in the milling industry and is active on all continents, thanks to its significant technical expertise and a thorough knowledge of the cultures and needs of the various countries and markets. Ocrim boasts two facilities in the city of Cremona: its original headquarters in via Massarotti and another facility located in via Riglio, canal port area.

"Ocrim, mastermind in the milling sector". Ocrim pays great attention to R&D activities and is always involved in the design and implementation of innovative solutions, essential to better itself and remain a benchmark within its sector from the technical, technological and qualitative point of view.