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Makfa reconfirms its trust in Ocrim

Makfa - one of the Top 5 pasta producers in the world and the No. 1 brand in Eastern Europe - is preparing for a new investment project: the installation of an additional and new mill for grinding durum wheat.

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Five icu proning beds purchased thanks to Ocrim donation

Dear All,
We are extremely pleased to share with you what, in our own small way, we have managed to do for our community.

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From today we return to our work stations

It’s 8 o’clock on Monday May 4th, 2020. Among the noise of cars and roaring traffic, in the distance, in single file, keeping duly apart, you can see a part of the Ocrim team about to enter the company to go back to their work stations

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Ocrim, founded in 1945, is specialized in the supply of milling plants, feed mills and grain processing systems in general, also and above all, with the "turnkey" formula. The company also is focused on and invests in training, customer satisfaction and communication. Ocrim is one of the largest and best-known companies in the milling industry and is active on all continents, thanks to its significant technical expertise and a thorough knowledge of the cultures and needs of the various countries and markets. Ocrim boasts two facilities in the city of Cremona: its original headquarters in via Massarotti and another facility located in via Riglio, canal port area.

"Ocrim, mastermind in the milling sector". Ocrim pays great attention to R&D activities and is always involved in the design and implementation of innovative solutions, essential to better itself and remain a benchmark within its sector from the technical, technological and qualitative point of view.


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